Aftenpostens klimakonferanse Kloden Vår
Folketeateret, 22. oktober kl.18

Kloden vår 2019 blir en magisk reise i norsk natur.
Fem av Norges fremste naturfotografer tar oss med ut på havet,
ned i havet, opp i fjellet, inn i skogen - og inn i byen.

Programmet oppdateres fortløpende.


Erlend Haarberg


Et utdrag fra Erlend Haarbergs nettside:

As a nature photographer, I feel privileged for having the possibility to experience nature’s changing faces throughout the different seasons.

To begin with the cold winter, when a white blanket of snow covers the landscape. The Sun draws long shadows during the short days. The light from the low Sun, the water frozen into motionless figures, and the wind whipping up the powdered snow are the elements of winter that give birth to eye-catching scenes. Even the dark nights with glittering starlight offer unique experiences, especially when the northern light sweeps across the sky, accompanied by the dreadful sound of breaking ice. There is no other season when I could be so frozen, but no other when I feel more alive.


Lill Haugen


Et utdrag fra Lill Haugens nettside:

For me, the true magic is in the ocean. The wild seas are so close, so familiar, but still like a stranger, keeping its secrets. To divers, there is another submerged world to be explored. Below the surface, a blue liquid planet awaits, where I can soar weightlessly through lush kelp forests and swim with silvery schools of fish, eye to eye with creatures that look like they are from another galaxy – all to the quiet sound of my own breathing. But it is also a fragile and threatened world. Today, more than ever, our oceans must be treated with respect and used with prudence and wisdom." Lill Haugen


Audun Rikardsen


Et utdrag fra Audun Rikardsens nettside:

“I grew up in Steigen, a small fishing community in Northern Norway and have always been fascinated by the Arctic’s rough landscape, culture, and wildlife, both above and below the ocean's surface. I work as a full time professor in biology at the University of Tromsø. Most of my pictures are taken locally or during job-related field work. Photography is combined with my other interests where I utilize knowledge about biology and the coastal area. For me, nature photography is about telling stories and spreading knowledge, remembering special moments and sharing my fascination of the Arctic coastline's wildlife and culture.” Audun Rikardsen